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Close Care Properties

Housing and Care – together

Close care housing enables one to enjoy extended privacy and independence, with security and help from a neighbouring Care Home. It includes the provision of fully managed maintenance, services and emergency facilities, with the opportunity to purchase additional support and professional care from a nearby and known source,  at any given time, as and when required.

Close care housing is an attractive alternative to both residential care and sheltered housing. It combines the care and security of one, with the independence and flexibility of the other, whilst providing greater quality of life at less cost. It also provides the benefits of home care, without the disadvantages of conventional domiciliary care and, unlike sheltered housing, invariably negates the need for a further move to a Care Home.

The Stepping Stone Group meets both demands and aspirations to keep housing and care together, with the opportunity to separate the cost of care from the cost of living. It provides continued independence with the flexibility to meet changing needs in the latter stages of retirement, with the added opportunity to extend home ownership and secure a legacy through the continued investment in property.

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